Why Work at CPS?

We are an urban district on the rise. The support and resources we provide to our teachers enables them to make the greatest difference where it’s needed most. Be a part of the change.

Number One Reason to work at CPS

Chicago Public Schools is dramatically outperforming wealthier, more affluent districts

New research from Stanford University, reported by the New York Times, shows that our students are learning faster than those in almost every other school system in the country. Additionally, a record 61.4 percent of students met or exceeded the national testing average in reading and 55.9 percent of students met or exceeded the average in math on the 2016-17 Northwest Evaluation Association Measures of Academic Progress exam.

Number One Reason to work at CPS

Our students are performing because we develop our teachers

We provide free monthly professional development to all teachers though our CPS Framework for Teaching program. Our employees also have access to discounted endorsement and advanced degree programs, administrative pathways through partnerships with organizations like New Leaders, and a professional network of more than 20,000 educators.

Number One Reason to work at CPS

We invest in the whole child

Our schools are safe and productive learning spaces where students are developing social and emotional skills and strong relationships with peers and adults. CPS is also investing in the arts with an estimated community and district investment totaling $158 million. According to Ingenuity's 2016-17 State of the Arts Report, we've increased the number of arts instructors to 1,491, which is ahead of our Arts Education Plan. Sixty-percent of elementary schools provide 120 minutes of weekly arts instruction.

Number One Reason to work at CPS

More students are graduating than ever

In 2017, 77.5 percent of students graduated - a 4-point improvement from the previous year. This year's rate of freshmen on-track to graduate is the highest measure on record at 88.7 percent.

Number One Reason to work at CPS

The tangible benefits are great, too

At CPS, you will receive a highly competitive salary and generous benefits package. Many of our teachers qualify for student loan forgiveness, continuing grants, and scholarships to pursue additional training while living in a world-class city.

Work and Live in Chicago

For the second year in a row, Time Out’s City Life Index rated Chicago the best city in the world for having it all, and we happen to agree!

Chicago Flag Star

Whether you enjoy theater, comedy, music, sports, museums, or architecture -- Chicago has something for everyone.

Chicago Flag Star

Chicago has a vibrant restaurant scene, and the diversity of our neighborhoods offers some of the best authentic cuisine you can find.

Chicago Flag Star

No matter the weather, Chicagoans are active year round at pop-up ice rinks; lakefront beaches and trails; and art, music and food festivals.

Chicago Flag Star

Chicago has affordable housing in almost every neighborhood, and between bike lanes and a reliable public transit system, owning a car is not necessary.


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