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The CPS Teacher Residency Program is an alternate path to the classroom for those with an associate or bachelor’s degree in another field. You’ll gain hands-on classroom experience during a year-long residency at a neighborhood school working as a paid CPS employee alongside a mentor teacher, and receive discounted tuition as you pursue a graduate degree in teaching. Upon successful completion of the program, and a commitment to work at CPS for at least four years, you’ll be hired for a full-time teaching job.

CPS Teacher Residency Overview

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In-Demand Teacher

Chicago’s students need people who believe in them–passionate, caring adults who want to help them learn, grow, and discover their potential. This is the role of a CPS teacher.

If this career path excites you, CPS has a program that will prepare you to lead a classroom with skill and confidence. The CPS Teacher Residency program is geared toward those interested in transitioning to the field of education, or para-professionals who are already working in our classrooms and can see themselves taking on the role of a full-time teacher.

Every year, CPS works hard to find teachers to serve children in high-needs areas, including special education and bilingual roles. Apply to the Teacher Residency program, and next school year, that career could be yours.

Teacher Training

Top 5 Benefits of
Participating in a CPS Residency

A paid year of training (plus full benefits) while you learn to be an effective teacher

Collaborating and learning alongside a trained, experienced mentor teacher

Discounted graduate school tuition, financial aid, and federal loan forgiveness

Free professional development and classroom tools to help you be prepared for your own classroom

Full-time role in CPS after successful program completion

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