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The CPS Teacher Residency Program is an alternate path to the classroom for those with an associate or bachelor’s degree in another field. You’ll gain hands-on classroom experience during a year-long residency at a neighborhood school working as a paid CPS employee alongside a mentor teacher, and receive discounted tuition as you pursue a graduate degree in teaching. Upon successful completion of the program, and a commitment to work at CPS for at least four years, you’ll be hired for a full-time teaching job.

CPS Teacher Residency Overview

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Event Details:

Tuesday, October 15th Chicago Public Schools
2651 W Washington Blvd
Chicago, IL 60612
Tuesday, October 17th Webinar via Google Hangouts Register
Monday, October 21th Humboldt Park Library
1605 N. Troy
Chicago, IL 60647
Thursday, November 7th Kelly Branch Library
6151 S Normal Blvd
Chicago, IL 60621
Wednesday, November 20th CPS Central Office
42 W. Madison
Chicago, IL 60602
Monday, December 9th Chicago Public Schools
2651 W Washington Blvd
Chicago, IL 60612
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Train to be an
In-Demand Teacher

Chicago’s students need people who believe in them–passionate, caring adults who want to help them learn, grow, and discover their potential. This is the role of a CPS teacher.

If this career path excites you, CPS has a program that will prepare you to lead a classroom with skill and confidence. The CPS Teacher Residency program is geared toward those interested in transitioning to the field of education, or para-professionals who are already working in our classrooms and can see themselves taking on the role of a full-time teacher.

Every year, CPS works hard to find teachers to serve children in high-needs areas, including special education and bilingual roles. Apply to the Teacher Residency program, and next school year, that career could be yours.

Teacher Training

Top 5 Benefits of
Participating in a CPS Residency

A paid year of training (plus full benefits) while you learn to be an effective teacher

Collaborating and learning alongside a trained, experienced mentor teacher

Discounted graduate school tuition, financial aid, and federal loan forgiveness

Free professional development and classroom tools to help you be prepared for your own classroom

Full-time role in CPS after successful program completion

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