School Transition Enrollment 

School Transition Enrollment Process

Dear Principals,


We have set up this registration tool so we can effectively and efficiently support students from schools that have been consolidated due to underutilization to select the school that best meets their needs for the Fall. This enrollment process will allow us to ensure that resources are directed toward the schools that these students will actually attend when budgets roll out.


All parents or guardians of students from sending schools must complete the in-person enrollment process. Between May 23-May 31, they can do so at: a) their sending school, b) their designated welcoming school, c) alternate schools that have capacity, d) a Network-wide enrollment fair, and e) CPS Central Office. Authorized staff at each location must be trained with the simplified registration tool.


Parents or guardians from designated welcoming schools that are relocating to a new facility will also be allowed to use this tool to select an alternate school for next Fall, but they are not required to do anything if they wish to stay in the same school.




CPS has developed a new enrollment tool to use specifically during the enrollment campaign. The new tool will make enrolling students at their parent’s school of choice a quick and simple process. The tool can be accessed here by authorized CPS staff beginning on May 23.


Register a Student


On May 21, CPS provided web-based training on how to use the new enrollment tool. Links to the training are available within the tool. Click the button above to login.