Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ has been designed to assist vendors and other stakeholders in efficiently answering all Procurement related questions. If this list still does not answer the question you are looking for, please complete the Procurement Customer Service Request Form.


Q: The address for my company has changed, how do I update it in the CPS system?
A: Vendor must complete the Change of Address Form and attach documentation to support the change of address and /or name of the Vendor. For a mere change in name, Vendor must attach to the Form supporting documentation, such as documentation from the Secretary of State. If no such documentation was filed with the State (for instance, a mere change of address), the vendor must provide a letter on the company’s letterhead authorizing the change of address and identifying the new address. This letter must be signed by an officer of the company, noting the title of the person signing the letter. Please complete the Procurement Customer Service Request Form.

Q: How do I add an additional PO or Pay site to my account?
A: Complete the Change of Address Form and indicate the additional address to be added and the type of address under the section titled “Please list additional changes.”

Q: How do I change my company name with CPS?
A: In order to change the name of your company, complete a W9 form with the new business name and a Change of Address Form. Please note, your vendor number will remain the same IF your tax ID number does not change.

Q: Why is my vendor number not active?
A: Active vendor numbers deactivate after 15 months of no activity. For example, for a Purchase Order (PO) generated on 01-June-2016, if a PO has not been generated by 01-Sept-2017 (within the 15-month period) the vendor number will deactivate.

Q: How do I reactivate my vendor number?
A: Click here to learn “How to become a vendor.” The same process applies for reactivating a vendor number as it does for new vendors.

Q: I want to increase my spend limit, how can I do that?
A: Vendors who do not have an active contract with the Board of Education cannot increase their spend limit.

Q: How do I become a "Pre-qualified" contractor?
A: In order to become a "pre-qualified" contractor you must reply to an RFP or RFQ for "Pre-Qualified" Contractors. This solicitation is open to the public. Those vendors who are chosen to be on this contract will have the ability to bid on the "Current Opportunities for Pre-Qualified Contractors."

Q: I used to have a vendor number but do not know if it is still active or what the number is, where can I find my vendor number?
A: If you are looking for your vendor number please complete the Procurement Customer Service Request Form with the name your vendor number would be under or the Tax ID number, these are the best ways we can search for your number. We will help you find your vendor number and let you know if it is still active.

Q: How can I see CPS approved Categories and Category Codes?
A: Click here to see. These codes help to identify your Products and/or Services


Q: I am a sole proprietor or individual in the process of securing a vendor number but do not have business insurance, how do I still comply with the CPS Insurance Requirement?
A: You or your firm may be eligible for the small vendor program that is endorsed by the Board of Education. This program is solely for sole proprietors or small businesses that conduct educational/consulting/speaking engagements and visit CPS locations. It is not intended for any individual or organization that engages in professional services, repairs or maintenance. If eligible, click here for the application and instructions.

Supplier Portal

Q: I am able to log into the Supplier portal but do not know how to navigate to view the POs or invoices.
A: The Supplier Portal offers a comprehensive manual of Training Documents with step-by-step instructions and screenshots to navigate through the portal. If you have any questions or trouble accessing the CPS Supplier Portal, please access the Supplier Portal FAQ.


Q: Why have I not received payment on invoices I have submitted?
A: All invoice and payment questions should be directed to our Accounts Payable depatment at or 773-553-2760. Please note that all invoices must include an approved CPS PO number in order to be processed.


Q: How do I enter a Freedom of Information (FOIA) Request?
A: Please submit your request through the CPS Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) site.

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