PARCC at Chicago Public Schools 

PARCC is Illinois' yearly assessment of student understanding of literacy and mathematics. It provides information that teachers, parents and principals can use to guide their planning for individual student and whole school needs. It is one of many important pieces of information teachers can use to plan for student learning. Watch a video overview on PARCC in English or Spanish .

What PARCC Measures

PARCC is aligned to the rigorous Common Core standards and provides detailed information on student skills in areas important for success in college, career and life. The Common Core asks students to use evidence in their writing, read a variety of fiction and informational texts, use math to solve real-world problems and be able to find and correct mistakes in their own thinking.

PARCC measures where students are with these skills in an interactive online format.

Want to learn more?

PARCC Score Reports

Parents will receive their child’s PARCC scores from the 2016-2017 school year in the fall of 2017. These reports will show how well students did on the critical thinking, writing and problem solving skills that are important for long-term student success.

Resources to Support Your Child

Parents should first discuss with their child’s teacher what other information is available to better understand academic areas of strength and need. Ask for how the teacher is using Common Core skills in the classroom and how parents can support at home.
Parents can also find many helpful resources and educational games for students online:

  • Understand the Score : This site provides parent-friendly guidance on how to read the PARCC parent reports and what next steps to take based on how your student has done. It is available in English and Spanish.
  • Great Kids : This site provides parents with guidance on the learning expectations at each grade and includes videos that show the Common Core in action in real classrooms. It also provides next steps for parents to help their children and links to resources online. It is available in English and Spanish.
  • Be a Learning Hero Skill Builder : This site provides parents with links to online tools, games and skill practice for students.


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