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Office of Local School Council Relations
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Chicago, Illinois 60612
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LSC Election Judges

LSC election judges play a crucial role in LSC elections every year by overseeing the election day process. Judges are responsible for monitoring the electoral process by:

  • Verifying voter eligibility.
  • Issuing ballots to verified voters.
  • Counting votes.
  • Presenting the election results to the school community.

Judge applications are due by March 12, 2020, and may be submitted to any CPS school that is hosting an LSC election or the Office of Local School Council Relations at the Garfield Park Office on the third floor of 2651 W. Washington Blvd.

All LSC election judge applicants must file the following forms and be verified to work in the United States by the IRS. All candidates must also complete a mandatory two-hour training, and will receive more details after they submit their applications.


For any questions regarding the LSC election judge application process, please contact the election coordinator at the school or the Office of Local School Council Relations at (773) 553-1400.

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