Cost Savings 

CPS CEO Forrest Claypool is continuing efforts to streamline the Central Office and send more resources to schools, today by eliminating 40 jobs, 35 of which were vacant. The total savings from the latest personnel moves totals more than $3 million, which is on top of the $6.1 million in Central Office savings Claypool’s changes have generated since he took the helm at CPS. A full list of impacted positions can be found below.

“Nothing is more important than supporting our children’s education by getting scarce resources into schools, and that must be the highest priority for all of us,” said CPS CEO Forrest Claypool. “We will continue to look for ways to reduce our Central Office budget and improve our finances so that our classrooms remain our priority.”

In several cases, functions that have historically been carried out by Central Office employees will become the responsibility of existing network office staff and the schools themselves. For example, the Teaching & Learning Department handled much of the district-run professional development for teachers. The department’s role will transition to oversee and facilitate more targeted professional development for teachers, delivered locally at the school or Network level.

New Reductions* – Vacancies: $2,648,022 Million

Postion  Salary
Senior Records Specialist  $54,590
Exec Asst, Chief Officer  $65,000
Facility Manager  $69,870
Facility Manager  $71,597
Manager  $63,000
Managing Engineer  $112,875
Energy Manager  $82,243
Database Administrator  $110,000
Professional V  $90,000
Transportation Manager  $90,000
iOS Device Mgmt Administrator  $70,000
Jr. IT Analyst  $40,000
Exec Director Network Support  $95,100
Senior Budget Analyst  $70,000
Payroll Manager  $94,265
Business Process Imprvmt Anyls  $70,000
Purchasing Director  $130,000
Risk Manager  $82,000
Senior Project Anlyst  $63,800
Senior Risk Analyst  $65,714
Senior Office Clerk  $39,966
School Support Representative  $40,000
Administrative Assistant  $45,000
Premium Services Manager  $85,441
Senior Financial Specialist  $58,455
Hr Customer Service Professnl  $41,700
HR Customer Service Rep  $34,505
Human Resources Specialist  $54,000
Manager - Talent Acquistion   $90,000
Literary Specialist - K-5   $91,979
Deputy Chief of Teaching & Learning   $150,000
Project Manager - Teacher   $86,985
Project Manager - Teacher   $89,300
PD Design Specialist   $86,837
Social Science Specialist  $63,800

*These positions have been eliminated between Sept. 1 and Sept. 30.

New Reductions* – Closed Positions: $398,100

Position  Salary 
Project Coordinator  $53,000
Math Specialist K-5 $90,000
Math Specialist 6-8  $89,300
Literary Specialist K-2  $76,500
Literary Specialist 6-8  $89,300

*These positions have been eliminated between Sept. 1 and Sept. 30.

New Positions Added

No new positions have been added between Sept. 1 and Sept. 30.

Net Previous Personnel Savings (Prior to 9-1-15): $1.22 Million

Previously Announced Operational Savings: $4.89 Million

  • These staffing moves build on previously announced cost savings measures, totaling $4.89 million.
  • CPS is phasing out the 7 percent pension pick for Central Office, Network and non-union support staff. When this is fully phased out in FY18, the annual savings will be $11.1 million. This year, savings are $2.9 million.
  • The Office of Strategic Support Services – known as OS4 and created in 2012 – is being phased out for a savings of nearly $1.4 million.
  • The Executive Office Budget will decrease from $1.82 million in FY15 to $1.48 million in FY16, an 18 percent reduction of $341,000.
  • Senior officers will now be required to earn vacation time like every other employee. This will save more than $250,000.