Office of Equity


Welcome to the CPS Equity Office

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The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Office of Equity was established in 2018 to advance educational equity throughout CPS. Although our district has made historic academic gains, we must focus on eliminating the unacceptable opportunity gaps that still remain for our students of color, English Learners, limited-income students, and diverse learners.

Supporting the District's Vision

We know that while talent is distributed evenly across our schools, opportunity is not. Our district can only truly succeed once every student receives the support they need and access to the high-quality education they deserve. Equity means championing the individual cultures, talents, abilities, languages, and interests of every CPS student by ensuring they receive the necessary opportunities and resources to meet their unique needs and aspirations. Our top priority of equity aligns with the CPS Five-Year Vision, which outlines our district’s values and goals, and affirms that every decision we make must be filtered through an equity lens.

Our Initiatives

Great Expectations Mentoring (GEM) Program

The GEM program creates a leadership pipeline and offers support for African American male and Latinx male and female CPS educators to advance in their careers.

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Instructional Equity Working Group (IEWG)

The IEWG is a cross-disciplinary working group of teachers, principals, school support organizations, and researchers exploring and recommending high-impact change ideas that drive educational equity throughout CPS.

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