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District Action Plan with ISBE

As part of our continued commitment to supporting our diverse learners as outlined in the District Action Plan with ISBE, we are publishing Parent Updates, which detail actions and changes to current procedures, staff and parent training, resources, and contact information. We will continue to provide ongoing updates to support our parents as they become available. Our priority is to improve outreach and opportunities to the community in an effort to ensure quality and equitable services to all students.

Parent Updates

Student Specific Corrective Action

This notice is to inform our community of the Student Specific Corrective Action process taking place at annual IEP meetings during the 2019-20 school year.



As the 2019–20 school year begins, the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) wants to update all parents/guardians regarding actions that will take place to address special education issues identified by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Public Inquiry. Starting this school year, Student Specific Corrective Action (SSCA) meetings will be held to determine if a student with disabilities was denied or delayed special education services during the 2016–17 and/or 2017–18 school years. Specifically, IEP teams will be looking at whether the changes put into the CPS electronic IEP system delayed/denied services to certain students with disabilities and if so, did they make expected progress.

The specific areas which will be addressed in the SSCA meeting are:
  1. Paraprofessional support (aide),
  2. Transportation services (bus),
  3. Extended school year (ESY) (IEP summer services),
  4. Placement in a therapeutic day school (placement in non-CPS school), and/or
  5. Identification as a student with a specific learning disability (LD)
SSCA Timelines and Meeting

CPS will send parents/guardians of current students with disabilities a letter by September 30, 2019 stating either:

  • An SSCA meeting will be scheduled for their child to address one or more of the five areas listed above; or
  • How to request an SSCA meeting if they believe a denial or delay occurred during the 2016–17 and/or 2017–18 school years in one or more of the five areas listed above.

Starting October 1, 2019, meetings will be held for identified students with disabilities. The identified student’s 2019-20 IEP team (which must include the parent/guardian) will look at information to determine if there was a denial or delay in one or more of the five areas, and if there was, then decide if the student made the progress s/he was expected to make. If there was a denial or delay AND the student did not make expected progress, then the IEP team (which includes the parent/guardian) will decide what services the student receives.

If you want an SSCA meeting or have questions about the SSCA process, email ​SSCA@cps.edu​.

Procedural Safeguards

If parents/guardians disagree with the CPS SSCA decision, they may submit an ISBE State Complaint, request State-sponsored mediation, or request an impartial due process hearing. Information on these options is found on the ISBE website within the Special Education page under “Effective Dispute Resolution” at
https://www.isbe.net/Pages/Special-Education-Effective-Dispute-Resolution.aspx.​ ​

Lawyers that are free or low-cost, and give advice on special education law are listed at

Any State Complaint, request for State-sponsored mediation, or request for an impartial due process hearing must be filed within the statute of limitations period (set time period). ​A new law has extended the time to file an ISBE State Complaint on Student Specific Corrective Action to September 30, 2021.



Chief of Diverse Learn
Stephanie Jones, PhD
Chief of Diverse Learner Supports and Services
Chicago Public Schools


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