Launch Into The Future



What is Learn.Plan.Succeed.?

Learn.Plan.Succeed. expands Chicago Public Schools’ current definition of a postsecondary plan to include additional pathways for students. Every student will be supported in exploring options, deciding on a pathway, and creating a concrete plan for after they graduate through intentional conversations with their school counselor as well as other postsecondary activities.

What Does This Mean For My Student?

Starting with the Class of 2020, students will be required to provide evidence of a concrete postsecondary plan to their school counselor in order to graduate.

How Can I Help My Student Be Successful?

Though Learn.Plan.Succeed. is a new graduation requirement, there are already plenty of resources in place to ensure that your student is informed and prepared to choose a postsecondary plan.

  • See your student’s counselor to register for Naviance for Parents to support your student’s college and career exploration and to monitor their Naviance engagement and Individual Learning Plan (ILP) completion.
  • Ask your student about their interests to generate ideas about what they want to
    do after high school. Brainstorm together to come up with strategies to work
    towards those goals.
  • Contact your student’s school counselor to schedule meetings to stay up-to-date
    on his or her progress and important deadlines.

Page Last Modified on Thursday, June 21, 2018