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What is Learn.Plan.Succeed (LPS)?

Graduating high school is a landmark achievement for students, and we’re making sure it’s not the last! Learn.Plan.Succeed. is a high school graduation requirement intended to help guide students in reaching postsecondary success. Every student will be supported by school counselors and other school staff to explore options, engage in meaningful conversations, and develop and demonstrate evidence of a “concrete postsecondary plan” for life after graduation.

Learn.Plan.Succeed. was approved in May 2017 by the Chicago Board of Education and begins with the Class of 2020 – this year’s 12th grade students! It marks an important shift in mindset, because Chicago Public Schools firmly believes that a high school diploma must be a launching pad to the next stage of life.

LPS does four things:

  1. LPS confirms the commitment of Chicago Public Schools to provide a high quality education to every child by ensuring every student has equitable access to resources and supports to successfully realize and fulfill a concrete postsecondary plan.
  2. LPS is a graduation requirement that requires students to demonstrate evidence of a postsecondary plan prior to graduating high school.
  3. LPS expands the definition of postsecondary to include college, military, employment, job training, apprenticeship, and gap year programs.
  4. LPS ensures that every student is supported and prepared in completing an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) - starting in grade 6 and through grade 12 - to look beyond high school graduation toward fruitful careers and fulfilling lives.

What does this mean for students?

Learn.Plan.Succeed. is a high school graduation requirement that starts with the Class of 2020. Every 12th grade student must provide to a school counselor evidence of next institution for life beyond high school in the form of a concrete postsecondary plan.

What evidence must a student submit to meet the Learn.Plan.Succeed. requirement?

Graduating seniors are required to complete an Individual Learning Plan and provide evidence of next institution for life beyond high school in the form of a concrete postsecondary plan. There are six pathway options that are recognized under Learn.Plan.Succeed, and students may choose to prepare more than one. However, for purposes of meeting the Learn.Plan.Succeed. requirement, evidence of the “first choice” postsecondary preference must be loaded to Naviance no later than May 31 or 30 days prior to graduation (whichever comes first). A school counselor will verify and confirm in Naviance the evidence that each student has provided.

Under Learn.Plan.Succeed., the following counselor-verified evidence will meet the graduation requirement:

  • College - Acceptance letter or financial aid award notice
  • Military - Enlistment letter
  • Employment - Offer letter or confirmation of continuation of employment
  • Job Training Program - Acceptance letter
  • Apprenticeship - Acceptance letter
  • Gap Year Program - Acceptance letter

What if a student is experiencing an extenuating circumstance that prevents them from meeting the Learn.Plan.Succeed. requirement?

If you are a grade 12 student who anticipates that an extreme or extenuating circumstance will prevent you from securing evidence of your postsecondary plan by May 31 of senior year, consult with your School Counselor to inquire about alternate options to meet this graduation requirement.

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