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Logos, colors, and templates to visually communicate the CPS brand.

Our logo is our visual identifier. It must always appear in the approved color palette and must not be altered. The distinct design of the CPS logo represents our students growing and ultimately graduating from high school ready for college and career success. Designed by student artists, the CPS logo is the cornerstone of presenting a unified CPS

The CPS logo is the most important visual communication piece we have. We encourage you to use the new logo following the guidelines below.

Main Logo

This logo should be used on the majority of CPS documents and presentations. To preserve legibility, the logotype should never be printed smaller than 144px x 72px.

Secondary Logo

To preserve legibility, the logotype should never be printed smaller than 120px x 120px..

Tertiary Logo

To preserve legibility, the logotype should never be printed smaller than 144px x 72px.

Safe Space

When placing text or other elements around the logo, please make sure that you provide enough clearance around the logo so it is readable. Our standard for text placement around the logo is 25% of the height.

Logo Color

The logotype should always contrast with the background. There are 3 versions of the logotype to ensure legibility and optimum reproduction quality in all printing processes and digital needs.

Full Color

The full color - positive logotype is the preferred version and should be used wherever possible.


When there is a limited number of colors available for reproduction, or the quality of color is questionable, choose the monochrome version. Only black and white should be used.

Incorrect Usage

The logotype cannot be altered or redrawn in any other way. Previous versions should never be used, and the logotype should not appear in a line or block of text.

Don’t change the color of the logo.

Don’t Skew, rotate or change the direction of the logo in anyway.

Don’t Use unapproved fonts with the logo.

Don’t overprint or add special effects to the logo

Don’t Use old versions or any other marks or logos to represent CPS.

Don’t Use old versions or any other marks or logos to represent CPS.

Brand Colors

The primary color for CPS is Blue. When using other design elements on materials representing the district, use the secondary colors and accent colors presented in our color palette. The tint values are displayed to provide a visual approximation of the actual values and will vary from monitor to monitor. The tints may also be used in complex graphics or illustrations to give additional depth to designs.

Primary Color

Hex # 0033A0
RGB 0 / 51 / 160
CMYK 100 / 90 / 2 / 1
PMS 286

Secondary Colors

Hex # 00956E
RGB 0 / 149 / 110
CMYK 84 / 18 / 72 / 3
PMS 7724
Hex # 8A1A9C
RGB 138 / 26 / 156
CMYK 57 / 99 / 0 / 0
PMS 2602

Accent Colors

Hex # EE7624
RGB 238 / 118 / 36
CMYK 3 / 66 / 99 / 0
PMS 158
Hex # FFEE12
RGB 254 / 225 / 35
CMYK 2 / 7 / 95 / 0
PMS 107

Color Guides

The diagram represents the colors that compliment each other when creating a graphic image or highlighting certain elements. The values represent how much of the colors should be used in correlation with each other. The primary color should be used three times as often as any other color in our palette. All other colors should be used sparingly.


When working with web typefaces (fonts), let legibility be your guide in terms of point size, column width, reversing type (on color fields or images), overprinting on images, etc. Avoid using fonts smaller than 8 pt. Your computer should have the three CPS brand fonts installed. These fonts reside on all Windows and Mac OSX operating systems.

CPS has one brand-related typeface family, Century Gothic. As a complimentary font, Times New Roman, can also be used but not in the logo.

In the case for web fonts, use Google font Lato as the main font.

Commitment to these typefaces will create a consistent and strong identity.

Main Font

Century Gothic / Aa Aa

Secondary Font

Times New Roman / Aa Aa

Web Font

Lato / Aa Aa


To download a file, right click on the download link and select "Save Link As..."

Logo Type Color Size Media Download

Main Logo
Print Blue Small / 1.9" x 1.9" JPEG
Blue Large / 5" x 2" JPEG
White Small / 1.9" x 1.9" PNG
Web Blue Small / 288px x 153px PNG
Blue Large / 1500px x 800px JPEG
White Large / 720px x 360px PNG

Secondary Logo
Print Blue Small / 1.3" JPEG
Blue Large / 4" JPEG
White Small / 2" PNG
Web Blue Small / 120px PNG
Blue Large / 1200px JPEG
White Small / 120px PNG
White Medium / 600px PNG

Tertiary Logo
Print Blue Small / 4" x 2.125" PNG
Blue Large / 20" x 11" PNG
White Large / 7" x 3.5" PNG
Web Blue Small / 288px x 144px PNG
Blue Large / 1500px x 751px PNG
White Medium / 720px x 360px PNG


For further information about use of any of the CPS brand assets, including the logo, please contact us at


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