Transitioning to Aspen

We are excited to announce that we will be launching Aspen, our new Student Information System, on April 22, 2019. To prepare for CPS’ transition from IMPACT to Aspen, we worked with principals and staff across the district to create a comprehensive training plan for our users.

While we realize that there is no ideal or convenient time of year to roll out a new system, launching after spring break gives you the flexibility to train in Aspen for most of the school year before making the transition. Additionally, we’ve created a unique training environment that will give you an authentic experience with the system before it goes live.

Below are some of the key features of our training plan. As we approach the launch of Aspen, please be on the lookout for communications regarding important training information.

Change Champions

Change champions are school-based staff who will help your school transition to Aspen. Those in this role will be provided a stipend to perform tasks listed below. Depending on the size of your school, your principal will nominate 2-7 change champions to train staff.


  • Trusted and respected by colleagues
  • Possess a deep understanding of the school’s culture
  • Energized by learning new things
  • Approachable
  • Openness to change
  • A focus on solutions
  • Able and willing to communicate effectively about the change

Key Responsibilities

  • Attend a two-day, intensive training in the Summer of 2018 to develop expertise in the system (multiple dates/locations)
  • Work with principal to determine and implement the best training plan for their school
  • Serve as on-the-ground support before, during, and after implementation
  • Assist school staff by training and answering questions

The Sandbox

In order to provide ample training time and allow staff to become familiar with the new system before it is live, we are launching the Sandbox. The Sandbox will be a training environment that mirrors data from IMPACT. When logged in, staff will see all of their own information (schools, students, staff, attendance, grades, etc.). They can then “play” in the Sandbox to get used to the navigation and practice the functions they will perform once the system is live, all with the familiarity of their own data.

Specialty Training

There are a number of specialty areas that will not be covered by Change Champions. There will be separate hands on training and workshops for these groups during the transition process.

  • Charter Schools
  • Counselors
  • Nurses
  • RSP/Clinicians
  • Scheduling
  • Service Learning Hours
  • STLS
  • Evening & Summer School
  • Athletics
  • Hearing and Vision Technicians
  • Network Staff & Data Strategists
  • OLCE
  • Phys Ed (FitnessGram)
  • Programs

April 2018

A tool will be provided to Principals to nominate the Change Champions for their school. In order to ensure the proper level of training for their school, the tool will be an interactive worksheet allowing Principals to understand the various trainings offered. The number of Change Champions per school will vary based on school size.

May 2018

Change Champions will be provided access to a tool to schedule their summer training sessions. The tool will provide a simple, easy-to-use interface, which also offers a downloadable app for Apple and Android devices.

July - August 2018

For convenience, training sessions will be available in multiple locations throughout the city from the end of July through the month of August. Change Champions will attend two days of hands-on Aspen training in one of two tracks. One track will be centered around a teacher’s perspective while the other will be focused on school administration functions.

April 2019

One message we consistently heard from principals and staff is that we need to provide our users with enough time to become familiar with Aspen. We are making the Sandbox available from October 1 through April 12, 2019 to accommodate unique school schedules and give you time to train at your own pace.

SIM, Gradebook, and Verify will be taken offline. SSM, ODA, and the Dashboard are not being replaced by Aspen. CIM will be available for the remainder of the school year.

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