CPS Celebrates National PE and Sports Week 

Edison Park students enjoy extra hours of PE

May 09, 2014

For students at Edison Park, this week’s unseasonably warm temperatures made celebrating National PE and Sports Week that much more fun.


From May 5-9, students in grades K-8 received a full hour of PE each day – further evidence that physical education is being recognized as a core subject by CPS schools.


“This is our fourth year celebrating National PE and Sports Week,” said Martha Carman, a PE teacher at Edison Park. “Our students typically rotate PE with enrichment courses in technology, music and art, but this week we had them moving every day.”


Students came dressed for a week of outdoor fun, with special PE events planned every day. With pedometers firmly fastened, they spent Monday on running games, tracking their steps as they played tag and ran relay races. Tuesday brought contests with jump ropes and hula hoops, and on Wednesday, students were encouraged to bring balls and other sports equipment to teach each other their favorite outdoor games.


“They get so excited about this every year,” said Carman. “For weeks leading up to it, they ask when PE Week is going to start. And this year we got so lucky with the weather – we were able to do nearly everything outside.”


When the rains did come on Friday, the planned kick-ball game was replaced by dance videos and Adventure to Fitness – an online program that gets students moving while teaching them about places around the world.


“Our goal was to get their heart rates up every day, which evidence shows is good for academic performance,” said Carman. “We enjoy celebrating National PE Week at Edison Park, because it’s part of our commitment to improving the overall health and fitness of our students and seeing them succeed in the classroom.”


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