Intel Pours Thousands Into CPS Classrooms 

Recycling drive leads to new technology in four schools

February 03, 2014

A global technology corporation has partnered with eco-minded Chicagoans to give four CPS high schools an infusion of new technology.


It all started in November, when Intel Corporation opened one of its Experience Stores in Chicago’s Lincoln Park community. Operating exclusively for the holidays, this retail spot gave customers the chance to try out new devices and pose questions to Intel’s technology experts. Another draw was the opportunity to unload old electronics (cell phones, computers, VCRs, etc.), with Intel donating $5 to CPS for every act of recycling.


“We are extremely grateful to Intel for their generous contribution to our schools,” said Mike Manning of CPS. “The company was particularly interested in expanding science and technology resources for students, so we were happy to provide them with input on who could benefit from their generosity.”


CPS schools actively engaged their communities in the recycling drive, mobilizing students and parents and partnering with local nonprofits and businesses to drive up participation.  


“We were grateful for the opportunity to work with our neighbors,” said Michael Boraz, principal of Lincoln Park High School. “We partnered with the local Kiwanis Club and with Armetage Hardware and Building Supply to have a strong showing in the recycling drive.”


Since much of the store’s foot traffic came from Lincoln Park, Intel chose to present the bulk of their donation - $20,000 – to the Science department at Lincoln Park High School.


“We are very excited to receive this grant, especially at a time when integrating science and technology is so important,” said Principal Boraz. “We’re going to purchase new Vernier probeware for our Physics department. This equipment will allow our students to engage in challenging, hands-on science and to learn about real world applications for technology.”


Because the recycling program at the Chicago store was so successful, Intel expanded their giving, also donating $5,000 to Clemente, Steinmetz and Wells high schools.


“We are excited to purchase new technology to enhance our IB curriculum,” said Clemente principal Marcey Sorensen. “Having new technology increases student engagement and achievement, so we are very grateful to Intel for this generous donation.”


By hosting this recycling drive, Intel gave CPS students the chance to collaborate for school improvement while focusing their ample energy on the needs of the environment.


“This was an incredible opportunity to engage our faculty and students in a project that instilled the importance of recycling while also benefiting our school,” said Wells assistant principal Amy Vondra. “Thanks to them and to Intel, we will now have much-needed resources to infuse technology into our curriculum so that students can develop those technology skills they will need to be successful in college and career.”


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