Parent Teacher Conference Day is November 12 

Parent engagement opportunity

November 07, 2013

For teachers, parents and students, the November report card pickup day is much more than an opportunity to see your child’s first letter grades of the school year, it’s a critical step toward making every student prepared to succeed in college, career and life.  That is why this year CPS has renamed it, more aptly, Parent/Teacher Conference Day.


Parent/Teacher Conference Day is Tuesday, November 12. The schedule for Parent/Teacher Conference Day is determined by each CPS school, so call your school or check their website for more details.  This year Parent/Teacher Conference Day will feature five critical components:

  • Your child’s first quarter grades
  • Your first chance to have in-depth progress consultation with all of your children’s teachers
  • Your school’s updated report card, which details the ways your school is helping children succeed while preparing them for graduation and success in college, career and life
  • A copy of the emergency contact information that your school has on file -- and a one-on-one opportunity with the school to update that information on the spot
  • Your chance to take part in a short survey about the CPS school calendar for SY 13-14.


“No one has a greater influence on a child’s education and well-being than parents and guardians,” says Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd- Bennett.  “Principals and teachers dedicate their days to providing your child with a quality education, but they need engaged and informed parents to ensure students are graduating 100% college-ready and 100% college-bound.  For this reason, I hope that all of you will make time to pick up your child’s first quarter report card and attend Parent/Teacher Conference Day on Tuesday, November 12.”

More than grades and tests

While parents get their first glimpse at letter grades and test results on Parent/Teacher Conference Day, it is also the first opportunity of the school year to hear first-hand the educational challenges and opportunities facing your student.  It’s a chance for parents and teachers to work together to improve the educational outcomes and put students on a path of lifelong learning.  

Your School’s Progress

You will also receive a copy of your school’s 2013 Progress Report Card, which highlights the ways in which each CPS school is preparing students for success. This report is intended to support our families, teachers, administrators and school communities as we work to establish goals and action plans that will improve student performance.

Please Update Your Contact Information

You wouldn’t dream of dropping your child off with a baby sitter who didn’t have your phone number or email.  And yet, thousands of CPS parents have out of date or incomplete contact information, making it impossible for schools to get in touch in case of a medical or public safety emergency.   Just like you should change the batteries on your smoke detector for Daylight Savings Time, get in the habit of updating your school contact information every time you attend a Parent/Teacher Conference Day.  


To make this as easy as possible, the emergency contact information we have on file will be given to you with your child’s report card. We ask that you please review this information and make the necessary changes immediately. You may turn in the updated form right in your child’s classroom. You may also update this information with your school clerk this night or at any time.

Help Us Choose a 2014-15 School Calendar

Additionally, to ensure that our parents are given the chance to provide feedback on next year’s school calendar, you will also be asked to complete a brief survey.  It should only take a few minutes of your time -- you can take it directly on your smartphone, if you have one -- and you can fill it out online while waiting for an appointment with your teacher.