Active Lifestyle a Plus for Students 

Increased physical activity could boost student success

September 06, 2013

As part of its commitment to improve the health and wellness of all students, CPS has launched a pilot program that will provide students in more than 30 elementary schools with at least one hour of physical activity per day.


The 30+20+10 Program is one aspect of Minds in Motion – a District initiative designed to strengthen the quality and quantity of physical education in all CPS schools.


“This is a huge cultural shift for schools to really recognize the importance of physical activity, not just for student health, but for academic performance,” said Annie Lionberger of the Office of Student Health and Wellness.


Over 30 elementary schools have agreed to pilot the 30+20+10 Program, which provides all students with 30 minutes of PE, 20 minutes of recess, and 10 minutes of physical activity in the classroom every day. Research has shown a direct link between physical activity and brain function, which is why CPS plans to implement this exercise regimen in every elementary school in the District over the next five years. The program will be specifically tailored for each school, as different facilities have varying amounts of space.


“You don’t need a whole lot of room to do quality physical education,” said Lionberger. “We’re working closely with schools to find out how we can adapt the program to make it work.”


The 30+20+10 campaign aligns with First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move: Active Schools Initiative, as well as with Pillar 1 of CPS CEO Barbara Byrd Bennett’s 5-Year Action Plan, which recommends that the definition of core instruction be expanded to include the arts, physical education and extracurricular activities.


“I love the program,” said Beidler Elementary School Principal Charles Anderson, whose students are among those piloting the 30+20+10 plan this year.  “It helps keep the children active, which is good for both their health and their performance in the classroom.”


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