CEO Jean-Claude Brizard Rings in the New School Year 

School Opens for Chicago’s Students with First Full School Day

August 14, 2012


Monday, Aug. 13 was the first day of classes at 243 Chicago Public Schools on the early start calendar (Track E) and also the first full school day. To kick off the first day, CEO Brizard rang a ceremonial bell at Lindblom Math and Science Academy. Brizard joined WGCI radio personality Tony Sculfield and the Morning Riot crew for a live pre-school program from Lindblom.


After years of having one of the shortest days in the country, CPS students this year will be on par with their peers across the country, as elementary students move to a 7 hour day and high school students move to a 7.5 hour day. All students will now have more time for critical studies such as reading, science, and math, as well as enrichment like art, music, and recess for all.


"Starting today, every child throughout the District will have the quality school day and year that puts them on a path to success in school and life," said CPS CEO Jean-Claude Brizard, who welcomed students to their first full school day and rang the school bell at Lindblom Math and Science Academy. "With the Full School Day, principals and teachers in elementary schools are no longer choosing between reading or art, math or science—they will have time to do it all, fully."


To ensure that the additional time leads to boosting student achievement, plans have been made to build a high quality school day that is well-rounded with more time for reading, math, science, world languages and enrichment like arts, music and physical education. Additionally, all elementary students will now have a full lunch and recess, giving them the time they need to reboot and return to the classroom refreshed and ready to learn.


The implementation of the Full School Day was the result of a year-long planning effort to ensure a thoughtful and seamless transition to the new Full School Day and year.


The first day of classes for Track R students will be Sept. 4, 2012.


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CEO Jean-Claude Brizard Rings in the New School Year
Photo gallery: CEO Jean-Claude Brizard Rings In the New School Year