Poetry in motion 

Students compete in 2nd annual Spanish Poetry Oratory Competition.

June 08, 2009

Photo by Mireya Acierto


Last week CPS sponsored its 2nd annual Spanish Poetry Oratory competition at the National Museum of Mexican Art, 1852 W. 19th St.


The competition gave students an opportunity to improve their vocabulary, increase their reading comprehension, and engage in skill-building in their native language.


At least 175 students from across the district competed in two categories:


1. The Individual Poetry Recitation Competition in grades 2-12

2. The Choral Poetry Recitation competition in grades 5-8


Any school with students enrolled in the Spanish Bilingual Education program could compete.


Here’s how the competition worked:


  • Poems were selected by the teacher and/or student.
  • Students worked closely with their teachers to learn and memorize the selected poem in Spanish.
  • During the competition, students recited the poem in Spanish, and were then judged on platform appearance, voice, delivery and the complexity of the selection.


The winners for the Individual Poetry Recitation are:


  • 2-3 grade: Kevin, 2nd grade, Ortiz de Dominguez
  • 4-6 grade: Deisy, 5th grade, McKinley Park
  • 7-8 grade: Claudia, 8th grade, McKinley Park
  • High School: Mercedes, 12th grade, Amundsen High School


Locke Elementary won the Citywide 5-8 Grade Choral Poetry Recitation Competition.


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