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October 06, 2015

Parents…to make it easy for you to know what’s happening in the classroom, we’ve created PARENT PORTAL – an online tool to help you monitor your child’s attendance and academic progress.

Access your child’s attendance and grades from anywhere at any time. You can even have alerts sent to your phone or email if your child is late to class, or when his or her grades reach or drop below a level you choose.

Registration is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Obtain Your Child’s PIN. The PIN is a unique identifier that protects student privacy. It may have been presented to you at a Back-to-School event or mailed to your home during the first few weeks of school. If you have not yet received your child’s PIN, contact your school to make the request.

  • Go to cps.edu/students and create your account.

  • Using their PINs, birth dates, addresses and Student ID numbers, link all applicable children to your PARENT PORTAL account.

  • Wait for your school to approve the pending application. When you have completed all the steps on your end, Feel free to follow up with the school to let them know you have an application pending for PARENT PORTAL.

Once your application is approved, you can begin viewing grades and attendance online. You will be able to closely monitor your child’s academic progress, which will lead to more informed, meaningful conversations with his or her teachers throughout the school year.  

The more parents are engaged, the more their children will achieve. Your involvement in your child’s education is critical. Sign up for PARENT PORTAL today and help your student thrive!

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