CPS to Host Googlepalooza  

Advancing technology in the classroom

July 13, 2015

This summer, Google brings its education technology conference to Chicago Public Schools, giving educators an exclusive opportunity to hone their Google knowledge and broaden their skills.

As the largest Google Apps for Education (GAFE) user in the country, CPS is excited to host Googlepalooza, the only event of its kind in the world. It is designed to support principals, teachers, and staff as they utilize Google tools to teach, learn and collaborate more effectively.

This year’s conference features customized workshops based on role and experience level. Participants can choose to follow a teacher, principal, or administrator track and can choose levels ranging from beginner to advanced. To accommodate those who want to fast-track their GAFE education and move to the intermediate levels by afternoon or the second day, beginning classes will also be held in the morning.

Along with the workshops, this year’s featured speakers hail from Google and the EdTechTeam, bringing a wealth of education and technology experience:

  • Suan Yeo, Google’s Education Evangelist, is a Google veteran of 12+ years. Before creating what he calls his dream job – working with teachers and students on technology enabled learning – he worked in 7 offices, 5 countries, and on 3 product teams.
  • Molly Schroeder, Director of Summits on the EdTechTeam, is a Global Digital Age Learning Specialist, Google Certified Teacher, and Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer. She has a background in elementary education and holds a certificate in Educational Technology and Gifted Education.

A two-day event, Googlepalooza kicks off at Lindblom Math and Science Academy on August 13. Participants can register for one or both days of training, and are encouraged to bring their own devices, as this is a paperless event. All schedules and materials will be available on searchable Google Docs, and the event is free of charge.

While it is open to anyone, Googlepalooza is geared toward those who work directly in the field of education. For more information and to register, visit cps.edu/googlepalooza.

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