Making a Difference One Child at a Time 

CPS celebrates “Mentoring the Next Generation”

June 24, 2015

Through an end-of-year gathering at the Bridgeport Arts Center, CPS students and staff celebrated the continued success of Mentoring the Next Generation – a program meant to enrich the experience of Chicago’s children.

Launched in 2013, nearly 500 mentors have now served CPS students across more than 200 schools, helping students make great strides in all areas of their education. 

“We have seen first-hand the ways a mentor can enrich a child’s life,” said Jesse Ruiz, Interim CEO of Chicago Public Schools. “Principals are telling us that students involved in mentoring are more engaged academically and are showing growth in their social and emotional learning.”

The benefits of this program are not limited to students alone. Many CPS mentors report that the time they spend in schools is a highlight of their week, and that seeing they impact they have helps remind them why they chose to pursue a career in education. 

“I saw a big change in my mentee after just a few months,” said CPS mentor Troy Williams. “His math scores are up, and he seems to be more confident in what he’s doing.”

Along with CPS staff, several community organizations are supporting the District’s mentoring program. The latest in these partnerships is iMentor, which will provide targeted support to approximately 400 high school freshmen beginning this fall, giving them a jumpstart on college readiness and expanding Mentoring the Next Generation to even more schools. 

“One of our guiding principles at CPS is to educate the whole child,” said CPS Mentoring Coordinator Ashley Richardson. “Thanks to Mentoring the Next Generation, hundreds of students know what it’s like to have a caring adult in their corner – someone who can help them build the skills and confidence they need to reach their full potential.”

To see a video from the end-of-year mentoring celebration, click here

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