Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week 

School communities find creative ways to thank teachers

May 07, 2015

On Monday morning, teachers at Coonley Elementary arrived at school to find their classroom doors decorated, while at Bateman, teachers were treated to “room service” – a cart stocked with coffee and pastries rolled right into their classrooms. A few examples of what is going on for Teacher Appreciation Week at CPS.

“We all get bogged down with our day-to-day things, and it’s easy to forget to say thank you,” said Georgia Davos-Vetas, principal of Bateman Elementary. “Teacher Appreciation Week is a great opportunity to show our teachers how much we value them.”

In an e-mail sent earlier this week, Interim CEO Jesse Ruiz thanked all CPS teachers for motivating, inspiring and nurturing the minds and hearts of the children in their care.

“Next to parents and caregivers, you are the most influential adult in the lives of your students,” he said. “You have a tremendous impact, not only on what they will learn, but on who they will become. I thank you for being a consistent, positive presence in their lives.”

In addition to the traditional meals, handwritten notes of thanks, and other tokens of appreciation, some teachers throughout the District received unique surprises. At Nobel Elementary, for example, teachers had the opportunity to improve the learning experience of their students thanks to a partnership with World Vision Chicago.

“They arranged for their mobile resource van to visit Nobel during Teacher Appreciation Week, and all of our teachers had the chance to do some free shopping,” said Nobel Assistant Principal Aubrey Monks. “It’s literally a teacher’s store on wheels, with everything from pencils and notebooks to new shoes and backpacks for students.”

Though the children were the true beneficiaries of the shopping spree, this was still a gift for teachers, as the opportunity to bring smiles to the faces of their students was a welcome surprise. “

The day after World Vision visited, I saw at least 50 students wearing their new shoes,” said Monks. “The fact that our teachers were able to provide their children with this excitement and give them a sense of pride truly transformed their classrooms.”

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