Taking Learning Beyond the Classroom 

CPS Connects creates worlds of opportunity for students

January 16, 2015

“When we are successful in adopting personalized learning, we will not only transform teaching and learning for CPS students, but will help our teachers spend their valuable time in the highest impact ways,” said CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett.

Enter CPS Connects – a partnership with the Chicago City of Learning (CCOL) that provides students with virtual activities and hands-on learning opportunities outside the confines of their neighborhoods. Students choose activities based on their interests and receive incentives for their accomplishments (i.e., trips to the city’s museums, zoo, etc.)

This program consists of two phases: Claim Your Account and Play & Discover. The first, which will run through January, features a series of events, contests and giveaways from program partners like Best Buy, Comcast and Discovery Education that encourage students to sign up for their account at https://chicagocityoflearning.org/CPS-Connects.

Phase 2, Play & Discover, will feature topic-based learning opportunities each month that link students to interactive learning experiences all over Chicago.

“Student learning can happen anywhere,” said Shawn Jackson, Deputy Chief of Teaching and Learning for CPS. “CPS Connects makes this possible by linking learning in school, home and community, because learners achieve best when their learning is reinforced and supported in multiple settings.”

Students can claim their accounts by visiting https://chicagocityoflearning.org/CPS-Connects and entering their name and CPS ID number.

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