CPS Students Earn Record Scholarship Dollars 

Class of 2014 receives nearly $800 million in scholarship offers

September 04, 2014

As college enrollment has risen, so have scholarship offers, providing CPS students with the financial support they need to complete their education and pursue their dreams.

The Class of 2014, which earned nearly $800 million in scholarship offers, saw 57.2 percent of graduates enroll in college – an increase of 1.2 percent from 2013 and a sign that the support network provided by teachers, principals, counselors and post-secondary coaches is succeeding in putting students on the right path.

“Chicago Public School students continue to raise the standard of excellence, which is leading to more students being prepared for college,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “Across the City of Chicago, our teachers, principals, and other school leaders are providing essential systems of support for our students to pursue their dreams in college, career and beyond.”

The District saw a 10 percent increase in high schools reporting their scholarship offers, with students earning awards based on academics, talent, athletics, and financial need. Many students applied for multiple scholarship opportunities, which is a testament to the devoted counselors who take the time to present their students with as many options as possible for pursuing their college education.

“This year’s scholarship awards represent a remarkable achievement for our students and their support networks,” said CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett. “These scholarships will help to remove the financial barrier facing many of our students and put them on a path for college and career success.”

These scholarship dollars are encouraging, as is the fact that more students than ever are eligible to attend college. In 2014, CPS achieved a District-high graduation rate of 69.4 percent, up four percentage points from the previous year and more than 10 points since 2011. And with 84.1 percent of freshmen now on track to graduate, this upward trend is likely to continue.

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