Thousands of Options for Summer Fun 

CPS students explore Chicago City of Learning

June 16, 2014

School may be out for the summer, but growth continues for CPS students through Chicago City of Learning (CCOL).

With endless opportunities to have fun and learn, CCOL is a citywide program that sees all of Chicago as a classroom. Launched in summer 2013, the initiative has grown considerably in just one year, and has even been duplicated in other cities across the nation!

CCOL partners with over 120 locations, including museums, nonprofits, and all of the city’s parks and libraries, to provide youth ages 4-24 with free or affordable activities in art, science, sports, music, computers, fashion, writing and more. For those students who prefer Internet-based activities, it also offers more than 200 online learning options in a wide variety of subject areas.

Whether at a park, a museum, or online, students who participate in CCOL can earn an array of digital badges that recognize and celebrate their learning. As badges are earned, students will be directed toward new activities that match their interests, allowing them to create a digital portfolio that both fuels their passions and tracks what skills they develop during their break from school.

Information and activities for CCOL can be easily accessed by visiting All CPS students can access their CCOL account using their Student ID number, and families without a computer are encouraged to use either their local library or one of five CCOL Youth Hubs – technology centers throughout the city where facilitators can help students navigate the website.

For complete details on CCOL programs, visit, and follow CCOL on Twitter and Facebook for daily updates.

Page Last Modified on Monday, June 16, 2014