Chinese New Year celebration 

Haines Elementary students take part in lion dance, Chinese calligraphy.

February 09, 2009

Students, teachers and staff at Haines Elementary, 247 W. 23rd Place, celebrated the first day of the Chinese New Year last month with two long-standing traditions: a lion dance and Chinese calligraphy.


Dressed in a costume consisting of a lion’s head and tail, two dancers accompanied by a drum and gong began in the school’s main office. They gave a red envelope to the principal, which is a symbol of good luck. From there, the lion was teased by a third dancer as they moved throughout the school. Together, the three performed a dance to scare away evil spirits and cleanse the building. Students lined the hallways to watch the dance.


Sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade students also took part in Chinese calligraphy, writing good luck phrases for the New Year in Chinese characters on cards and placards.