Community Partnership Boosts Family Engagement 

Parents can enjoy a variety of benefits by attending Report Card Pickup Day

April 16, 2013

To further encourage parental involvement throughout the District, CPS and Mayor Rahm Emanuel have selected 140 CPS schools to participate in Walgreens Balance Rewards Program on Report Card Pickup Day.


Parents who take the time to attend and participate in Report Card Pickup Day on April 17-18 will be eligible to receive 25,000 balance rewards points from Walgreens. More information and registration materials will be available at each school.


First adopted by the District last fall, this program originally targeted 70 schools. Through a random selection, the number of participating schools has now doubled, demonstrating a firm commitment by all involved to continue encouraging parents to become engaged at their children's schools.


Parents can take away a wealth of information from Report Card Pick-Up Day. In addition to seeing their children's grades, they will have the opportunity to tour the school, visit classrooms, talk with teachers about their children's academic performance, and learn what they can do to help their children at home.


This is the latest in a series of steps CPS has taken to better engage parents and provide them with more information about their schools, including putting overall school report cards online, creating an interactive school locator on the website, and launching My CPS Vision – a website which gives parents the opportunity to share their vision, ideas and priorities for their children's schools.


Click here PDF icon. for a list of schools participating in the Walgreens Balance Rewards Program for Report Card Pick-Up Day.