My Voice, My School Survey for 2013 

Student input helps to shape school improvement

February 05, 2013

Later this month, students from across the District will have the opportunity to share how they feel about a variety of issues affecting their education. Through the My Voice, My School survey, they will be encouraged to express their views, both positive and negative, about curriculum, school climate, student safety, and support from parents and teachers.

“The students represent a viewpoint that is very important, because they see things from a perspective that is different from everyone else at the school,” said Dr. Bill Truesdale, principal of Taylor Elementary School. “Their responses are truly honest, and they often come up with innovative ideas.”

The survey is open to all 6th through 12th graders, and is a partnership between CPS and the University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research (CCSR). The data is used to shape policy and create improvement plans, as it gives district leaders a clear picture of how students feel about their schools.

“It’s helpful for administrators to see one piece of data that captures how all their students feel about things,” said Truesdale. “And conducting the survey builds trust with the students, because it gives them a personal vehicle by which to express their thoughts.”

The online survey will be open beginning February 18 for high school students and March 18 for 6th through 8th graders. Participation is optional and will take place at school. All responses will be kept confidential. Later this spring, parents will also have the opportunity to share their views through a parent version of the My Voice, My School survey. Click here to read the letter that was sent home to parents regarding the 2013 student survey. Results from this year’s surveys will be made public in late summer.

For more information, call the survey hotline at 1-866-440-1874. To access last year’s survey results, click here.