CPS Launches Social Media Toolkit 

Social Media Trailblazer videos highlight creative and effective use by principals and staff

January 23, 2013

Social media – it's a mainstream tool in today's high-tech world. Facebook and Twitter are the preferred methods of communication for many in our CPS community, especially our tech-savvy students and parents. In schools across the district and at the Central Office, social media is being added to the list of tools we use to connect with families and improve education.


At Josephine Locke Elementary, the staff uses Twitter to send text messages that keep parents and students in the loop. At Phillips Academy High School, students are learning about how to use social media in a professional capacity at school. These are just two examples of CPS' social media trailblazers. To help schools across the District learn from programs like these, Chicago Public Schools has created a social media toolkit. The toolkit was initially designed on principals, but parents and staff can learn from it as well — it aims to provide guidance, support, and inspiration about how to best use social media at the school level.


If you'd like to tweet about the toolkit or share a social media best practice at your school, please use the hashtag: #CPStrailblazers. We can't wait to hear your questions, ideas, and examples!


Click here to go to the new Chicago Public Schools Social Media Toolkit.