Evaluate the Academic Progress of Your Children’s Schools 

School Progress Reports Now Available from CPS Schools

November 14, 2012

Track R’s Report Card Pickup day provided a unique opportunity for expanded dialogue among CPS stakeholders – a chance for parents to evaluate not only the academic progress of their children, but each school as a whole.


CPS recently released updated School Progress Reports – in-depth yet easily digestible analyses of nearly every school in the district. These performance assessments allow parents to better understand the academic growth being achieved in their children’s schools while also getting a report on school culture and climate.  Track E parents can pick up their schools’ School Progress Reports from their principals, which also is the case for Track R parents who may have missed getting theirs at Report Card Pickup Day.


The goal of the progress reports is to celebrate successes while focusing intently on areas that need improvement.  The reports are careful to place equal emphasis on student growth and student performance (i.e., the amount of growth students have achieved throughout the course of a school year vs. where they are in relation to their grade level). 


School culture and climate are evaluated based on feedback from parents, teachers, and students in areas such as supportiveness, ambition, leadership, collaboration, and family involvement – five key elements to a student’s success at school.  The reports also provide a map comparing the overall ratings of neighborhood schools, and identify those schools which have been awarded a healthy school certification rating by the US Department of Agriculture.


While continuing to focus on the progress of each individual child, Track E teachers and principals were encouraged to use the one-on-one time provided by report card pickup to jumpstart broader conversations with parents regarding the School Progress Reports.  Parent involvement is crucial to a child’s overall success in school as is increased parental understanding of the school environment as a whole.


To make this an ongoing conversation, and to support schools in explaining the reports, we have created a new School Progress Report web page on cps.edu.  By visiting cps.edu/schoolprogressreports, parents and community members can access their schools’ progress reports as well as other resources such as sample school reports, a glossary of terms, a parent-friendly presentation and video in English and Spanish outlining both the layout and purpose of the reports.