Revised 2012-2013 Calendars 

Revised School Calendars Make Up for Days Lost to Strike

September 28, 2012

As we move through the fall season and our students continue to benefit from the Full School Day, Chicago Public Schools(CPS) has an exciting school year lying ahead -- one that finally moves us away from one of the shortest school years in the country.


To ensure a full school year and meet the terms of the tentative agreement with the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), CPS has revised the School Year 2012-2013 calendars. The changes to the Track E and Track R calendars will recapture the seven days of lost instructional time due to the CTU strike, and also will deliver a full school year with the Full School Day, giving all students access to a quality day to help them succeed. Both Track E and Track R proposed calendars ensure 181 days of student attendance and 208 teacher work days.  All changes to the CPS calendar are consistent with the tentative agreements reached with CTU and have been vetted with the CTU and other affected labor organizations. (Please note addition of Spring Break information below highlighted in yellow.)


Changes in the 2012-2013 school calendars include:


Columbus Day:  Columbus Day (October 8) will remain a student and staff attendance day.  Implementation of the observance of Columbus Day instead of President's Day will be deferred to next year.


President’s Day: President’s Day (Feb. 18) will be converted to a day of student attendance to count as a make-up day. CPS encourages schools to use President’s Day as an opportunity to acknowledge the contributions made by the Presidents of the United States by educating students on their roles in our country’s history. As outlined in the original school year calendars, Columbus Day and Pulaski Day will remain days of student attendance.


Report Card Pick-up: Report card pick-up days will not be days of student attendance.


Spring Break: Spring break week has been moved up to March 25 to 29 from April 1 to April 5 to ensure sufficient instructional time before the end of 3rd quarter.


Make-Up Days: Due to the CTU strike, seven make-up days have been built into the revised calendars. The breakdown of make-up days for Track E and Track R include:


Track E Make-Up Days:
Five days from Fall Intercession: October 15-19
President’s Day: February 18
One day added to the end of the school year: June 19


Track R Make-Up Days:
Two days from Winter Intercession: January 3-4
President’s Day: February 18
Four days added to the end of the school year: June 19-21, June 24


Professional Development: Teachers will receive six half days and seven full days of professional development for a total of 10 professional development days. The seven full days of professional development will be non-attendance days for students and the six half days will be half days (3½ hours) of attendance for students and include both breakfast and lunch.


The revised calendars can be found online here.