Bullish on the First Day of School 

Track R students start on Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August 24, 2012

Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls and everyone here at CPS want to remind parents, guardians and students that the first day of school for many of our students is Tuesday, September 4, and on that day, every child needs to be in school.



CPS has received a great deal of help from across Chicago in raising awareness of the First Day. Now it is up to the parents, guardians and the entire CPS community to ensure that students start the year off right by being in school on the first day and every day thereafter.


Here are just a few reasons why your child should be at school on the first day, the first week and every other day:


  1. The Full School Day is a quality day that provides students with the additional time they need in core subjects like reading, math and science, as well as new and increased exposure to enrichment such as art, music and physical education. Read more about the Full School Day.
  2. A great first day and a great first week set the tone for the entire school year.
  3. If you miss the first day, it's too easy to miss the second and third, and any other day, throughout the school year.
  4. Students learn and experience a lot during the first day and first week of school. Students get used to their classrooms, their routines, their classmates and get to know their teachers.
  5. Students who miss that first day or first week of school are at a real risk of failure because they are fall behind in their school work.


Every day at school matters. During the first week of school, students receive their first full days of instruction. They meet their classmates and bond with their teachers. The first day sets the tone for attendance for the entire school year. On that first day, students will know what we expect of them and what they should expect of themselves. If our students miss a single day, they fall behind. It is important that students don't start off the year a step behind.


Remember to Show Up! See you at school on the First Day, September 4th!


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