Innovation in high schools 

New Talent Development high school strives to nurture and prepare students for the future.

December 01, 2008

90% of seniors at the Talent Development high school in Maryland (pictured) are on track to graduate.


The Chicago Talent Development High School will open its doors for the first time next fall.


The school, which will be located in West Garfield Park, is modeled after the Talent Development comprehensive reform program for large high schools facing serious problems with student attendance, discipline, achievement scores, and dropout rates.


The Chicago Talent Development High School won't operate like a traditional high school. Here, students' talents are developed through college preparatory courses beginning in the 9th grade. Each school day consists of four 80-90 minute classes. All courses are designed by researchers and curriculum developers for students performing below grade level. After-hour credit recovery programs, such as Twilight School (an alternative program), and other summer and weekend activities are available for students who need to either make up classes or catch up. Also, small learning communities have a career focus in core subjects, as well as elective courses.


The school will serve 150 freshmen students in its first year. Freshmen will participate in Talent Development's unique "Freshman Seminar," where they will learn how to take notes, develop study habits, manage their time, and build social skills.


The new school is designed to replicate the successes of the Talent Development high school in Maryland, where the dropout rate is 3.6% and 90% of seniors are on track to graduate (based on 2007 statistics).


Johns Hopkins University, in partnership with Union Park High Schools, a local non-profit organization collaborating with the Service Employees International Union Local 73, the Illinois Federation of Teachers, and the Chicago Teachers Union are sponsoring the new school.


To learn more about the Chicago Talent Development High School and how to enroll your child, call the Office of New Schools at 773-553-1530.


New Schools Expo

In January, CPS is co-sponsoring a New Schools Expo that will give families the chance to learn about the new school options opening across the city. The indoor event takes place from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Saturday, January 31, 2009, at Soldier Field.