Are You Ready for Report Card Pick Up Day? 

Meet with your child’s teachers and vote for your LSC representatives April 18th or 19th

April 13, 2012

As a reminder, Report Card Pick-Up and Parent/Teacher Conferences at your child’s school are right around the corner! The schedule is as follows:


  • Wednesday, April 18: Regular and Track E Elementary School Parent/Teacher Conferences and Report Card Pick-Up (No classes for elementary students).
  • Thursday, April 19: Regular and Track E High School Parent/Teacher Conferences and Report Card Pick-Up (No classes for high school students).


Parents can pick up report cards from 12 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. (Times may vary. Please confirm the time and teachers’ break period with your child’s school).


In addition, the 2012 Local School Council elections are being held on these days.  Elementary LSC elections will take place at all elementary schools from 6 a.m. – 7 p.m. on April 18. While the high school elections will be held from 6 a.m. – 7 p.m. on April 19.


CPS is encouraging parents, teachers, principals and other school community members to help get out the word about Report Card Pick Up Day and the importance of parent/guardian participation in every child’s education. To help spread the word, CPS has created a Facebook cover photo featuring key information about Report Card Pick Up Day. If you use Facebook, please use the below photo as your Facebook cover photo through Thursday, April 19th to remind your friends and family about the importance of Report Card Pick Up Day:



The day is designed to benefit both parents and students. Parents get the chance to once again meet their child’s teacher(s) and discuss their child’s academic performance.  While at the school, parents are encouraged to vote for their LSC representatives—who play a significant role in decision-making at their local school.   LSC representatives serve as an important link between the school’s administration, community, Central Office and students. LSCs approving how school funds and resources are allocated, approve and monitor the implementation of the annual school improvement plan, and hire and evaluate the school's contract principal.


Student Report cards

Similar to progress reports, report cards offer parents detailed information about their child’s performance in school. Each report card lists a grading scale that can be used to gauge your child’s academic performance. The grading scale is as follows:


 A - Substantially exceeding the standard.
 B - Exceeding the standard.
 C - Meeting the standard.
 D - Less than acceptable performance on the standard.
 F - Does not meet the standard.
 / - Indicates an area not to be graded at this time. (This is not available on high school report cards.)


Report card pickup day is a great way to assess your child’s academic performance with his or her teacher. Parents should use this time to:

  • Visit your child’s classroom(s).
  • Talk with your child’s teacher(s) about how he or she is doing in school.
  • Learn whether or not your child is on track in his or her grade level and discuss any academic interventions that can be put into place.


Parents can keep their copy of their child’s report card. Report cards do not have to be returned to the school. New report cards will available at each marking period. And report cards are available in a number of languages to help parents fully understand their child’s performance.


Familiarize yourself with your school’s report card

Also be sure to view your school’s 2011 School Report Card and search for your school. The School Report Card (first released last fall) presents data that measures how each school is helping to put students on the path to college and career. Also, take a look at the Report Card Guide at to help you have more informed conversations with the principal and teachers about your child’s academic achievement and future success. 


Finally, while you are reviewing your child’s grades for this period, take the opportunity to make sure your child is on track to move on to the next grade in school year 2012-13.


View the promotion policies for our elementary and high school students via these links: elementary schools and high schools.