Run for Your Local School Council 

Get involved at your school and CPS by becoming a LSC representative

February 21, 2012

Chicago Public Schools encourages all parents and community members who want to strengthen their local schools and have a positive impact on student achievement to run for their Local School Council (LSC) this year.


Nomination forms may be completed in person up to 3:00 p.m. on Friday, March 23, in the school where you would like to run and serve or in the Office of Local School Council Relations, 125 South Clark Street, 5th Floor.  The forms, along with additional information, can be found on the Local School Council Elections page. LSC elections are conducted every two years. The 2012 elections will take place at all elementary schools on April 18, and at all high schools on April 19.


“The Local School Councils Elections empower parents and the school community to partner with the principals in creating a positive school environment that serves the needs of all children,” said Bill Truesdale, principal at Taylor Elementary. “Local School Council Elections are an opportunity to make a positive contribution and impact in the lives of Chicago school children.”


LSC representatives serve a term beginning July 1 and ending June 30 two years later. LSC representatives serve as an important link between the school’s administration, community, Central Office and students, and play a significant role in decision-making at the local school level. The primary responsibilities of LSCs include approving how school funds and resources are allocated, approving and monitoring the implementation of the annual school improvement plan, and hiring and evaluating the school's contract principal.


“Being a part of an LSC is an important way to become involved at your child’s school,” said Michael McMurray, a parent of a Skinner West student and a parent LSC representative. “Being an LSC representative helps me stay involved with my daughter’s education and school. It allows me to know firsthand what is going on at the school and with the administration. It’s also an opportunity to receive direct feedback from other parents.”


McMurray also encourages other parents to become LSC representatives. “As a firm believer in public education and CPS, I think being an LSC representative helps make the school and the state of public education stronger. By being a representative or coming to LSC meetings, it not only allows you to learn about what is going on at the school, it also keeps you informed about the changes in policy coming from Central Office. LSCs provide communities to have strong local control over their local schools.”


Save the Dates: LSC Election Rallies Start Feb. 27  
To build excitement for the upcoming elections in April, the CPS Local School Council Relations Office is holding four rallies in the next few weeks, and everyone’s invited!  There will be fun, food and raffle prizes awarded. The time for all rallies is 4:30-6:30 p.m., at the locations and dates shown below.


NORTH: Monday, Feb. 27
Lane Tech H.S., 2501 W. Addison

SOUTH: Thursday, March 1
Simeon H.S., 8147 S. Vincennes Ave.

WEST: Wednesday, Feb. 29
DePriest Elementary, 132 S. Parkside

CENTRAL: Friday, March 2
Parent Resource Center, 4655 S. Dearborn


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Run for Your Local School Council
Photo gallery: Run for your Local School Council