Honors for Frazier International Magnet School 

CPS Boasts the State’s Only 90–90–90 School

July 08, 2011

Frazier International Magnet School, 4027 W. Grenshaw Street, was the only “90-90-90” elementary school in Illinois during the just-ended school year.  The term “90-90-90” refers to the fact that the school has at least 90% of its students receiving free or reduced-price lunch, 90% from a minority group, and 90% of students meeting or exceeding state standards (as documented in on the Illinois Standards Achievement Test, or ISAT).


Launched in 2007 as a K-8 magnet school, Frazier offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years (K-5) and Middle Years (6-8) Programmes. And with preliminary 2011 ISAT data now in hand, Frazier continues its hold on the 90-90-90 mark of excellence.


Since its creation, the school has excelled, attracting students both from its local community (North Lawndale) and from across the city. When Frazier International opened in the 2007-2008 school year, only 62.5% of its students met or exceeded the state requirements. Three years later, nearly every student in the school’s first graduating class qualified to apply to selective enrollment schools in the city.


“Frazier is a special place where all students are valued and all students learn,”
said the school's founding principal, Colette Unger-Teasley. She pointed to her “amazing staff”
as one of the key reasons for the school’s success.


The school utilizes a data-driven instructional model to support quick student growth.


“We know, and each student knows, where they stand as far as strengths and weaknesses. Assessments and data drive instruction,” said IB Coordinator and data specialist Faren D’Abell. He noted that regular tutoring sessions, before- and after-school supports, targeted practice and the integrative teaching approach of the IB Programme promote rapid student growth.


Frazier is one of only four elementary schools in Illinois authorized to offer the IB Primary Years Programme, which utilizes trans-disciplinary teaching methods that make learning meaningful to students. A video about the school’s IB programmes is available here Opens in a new window icon.


Seventh grade student Averey transferred from outside of the state in 2007 and has been enrolled at Frazier since its beginning.


“When I was at a school in (another state), teachers spent more time on discipline than on knowledge,” Averey said. “At Frazier, teachers get to spend more time teaching the class,” he said.


Averey moved from being ranked in the bottom half of students nationally in his first year, to the top quarter of students nationally. Justice’s four siblings are also experiencing success at Frazier.


Students from across the city may apply to Frazier, using Office of Academic Enhancement’s Standard Elementary School Application. Testing is not required; students are selected by a computerized lottery.


Frazier International Magnet School is a Track E school – students begin school in August and have more scheduled breaks throughout the year. This type of schedule helps students maintain continuity in their learning because they do not have three months over the summer without formal education.


Portions of this story originally ran on the Office of Academic Enhancement’s website Opens in a new window icon and was written by Margo DeLey.


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