CEO Mazany Presents Education Vision 

Elevating Our Vision for Learning: Improving Schools for All

May 05, 2011

At the start of his tenure, Interim Chief Executive Officer Terry Mazany invited parents, educators, and civic leaders to develop this vision and recommendations for education in the Chicago Public Schools that are aligned with the new demands for teaching and learning in the 21st Century.


Mazany said the report outlines a framework for moving CPS toward a fundamental goal: a high-quality education for every student in every school. This report builds on decades of research and is the product of several months of collaboration involving national and local education experts and practitioners as well as civic leaders, community stakeholders and parents. A complete list of participants in this planning process can be found on Opens in a new window icon.


Key recommendations in the report center on placing increased focus on the quality of classroom instruction; helping teachers become consistently effective in the classroom and able to serve a diverse student population; and more fully engaging parents, community and partners.


“This dramatic shift in how we increase achievement is based on what we have learned from the world’s high-performing schools,” Mazany said. “We weren’t limited by conventional wisdom, labels or panaceas but we went to the heart of what is working in classrooms.” The report will be delivered to Mayor-elect Emanuel’s incoming CEO and new Board of Education. 


“This framework was developed to support the work of the incoming administration,” he said. “We offer this not as a last word, but as the starting point for many conversations that will build stronger schools and more successful students.”


A guiding principle that underlies the vision is that all children have capacities for learning that exceed current expectations. To help them reach those capacities, researchers concluded CPS must set district-wide expectations tied to rigorous standards, support every school, and develop the capacities of teachers and administrators to deliver a comprehensive educational program.


The full document, Elevating Our Vision for Learning: Improving Schools for All, presents the fundamentals for a renewed education vision for the CPS.  All are encouraged to read this in-depth document, in particular CPS staff, partners and parents.


The supplement and discussion guide provides an overview of the vision and recommendations as well as questions to start conversations within schools and communities about improving education for all our children. All are encouraged to read the summary and discussion guide.


Translations of the summary can be found below:










Please note that translations of the summary are forthcoming in Arabic, Chinese, Urdu and Vietnamese.


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