TECH 2011 Winners Announced 

On to Springfield

April 04, 2011

Twenty-four schools have been selected to represent CPS at TECH 2011 in Springfield, Illinois next month. Approximately 135 teams applied statewide and 80 teams were invited to present in Springfield. The schools will help raise awareness of the critical role technology plays in preparing students to succeed in today’s world while demonstrating the importance that classroom technology plays in educating pupils.


CPS students and teachers will set up exhibits which will show elected officials, business leaders and the public how technology is being used in their schools. Below are the selected 24 CPS schools and the projects they will be displaying:


  • ASPIRA Haugan Middle SchoolDigital Yearbook, to be presented by Juan Carlos Soberanes, Michelle Garcia-Jones and student team
  • Lyman A. Budlong Elementary School Movie Making, to be presented by Ramon Pagan and student team
  • Chicago Academy for Advanced Technology High SchoolThe New Classroom: How Natural User Interface can Change the Way Students Learn, to be presented by Walid Johnson and student team
  • CICS Lloyd Bond AcademyiBond: Digital Yearbook Project: A Year in Review, to be presented by Lori Wilcox and student team
  • Richard J. Daley Elementary Academyproject title not yet announced, to be presented by Raul Segura and student team
  • Everett McKinley Dirksen Elementary SchoolDigital Health Fitness!, to be presented by Asma Ali and student team
  • John W. Garvy Elementary SchoolWho Am I?, to be presented by Daniel Ravury and student team
  • Frank L. Gillespie Elementary SchoolGillespie Speaks: Using Adobe to Create a School PSA, to be presented by Veronica Austin and student team
  • John Charles Haines Elementary SchoolHypermedia Language Arts Technology Project, to be presented by Ricky Tang and student team
  • Hawthorne Elementary Scholastic AcademyUsing Wikispaces and iMovie to Create a Documentary Film Festival, to be presented by Susan Krause and student team
  • Stephen K. Hayt Elementary SchoolGlogging About Spanish American Heritage Musicians, to be presented by Susan Feiler, Linda Smentek and student team
  • John H. Kinzie Elementary School
  • Lake View High SchoolStudent-teacher Collaboration Leads to AP Chemistry Success, to be presented by Mahesh Alur and student team
  • Robert Lindblom Math & Science Academy High SchoolMozart Would Have Loved This! Music Composition in the 21st Century, to be presented by Alan Demski and student team
  • Phillip Murray Elementary Language Academy
  • Perspectives High School of Technologyproject title not yet announced, to be presented by David Beedy and student team
  • Charles Allen Prosser Career Academy High SchoolAffordable Super Computing Using Cloud Computing, to bepresented by Sebastian Sieczkowski and student team
  • Ellen H. Richards Career Academy High SchoolHistorical Figure Glog, to be presented by Kimber Barrera and student team
  • William H. Ryder Math & Science Specialty Elementary SchoolCommunity Unity, to be presented by Renee Morgan and student team
  • Sidney Sawyer Elementary SchoolWeb Quests, to be presented by Toyia Pullum, Rosaly Tam and student team
  • School of the Arts at South ShoreHow to Stream Video, Media, Music, and Gaming Though a Computer, to bepresented by Stephanie  Harris and student team
  • Carl Schurz High SchoolThinking in Systems: Meaningful Play & the Game Design Process, to be presented by Cheryl Reynolds-Fefles and student team
  • Tarkington School of Excellence Elementary SchoolTarkington Timeline, to be presented by Kim Darche and student team
  • Wildwood Elementary SchoolWho was Thomas Edison?, to be presented by Shaun Banks and student team


Congratulations to our students and faculty who will be taking part.


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