College and Career Academy Admissions Re-Opened 

Applications are due April 8th

March 18, 2011

CTE has re-opened the citywide admissions process for College and Career Academies. Students can apply by downloading an application from the Choose Your Future website Opens in a new window icon.. Applications must be submitted to the Office of Academic Enhancement via fax at 773-553-2061 or via scanned attachment to Applications must be RECEIVED by the Office of Academic Enhancement no later than April 8th at 5pm. Please do not send applications via US postal service as there are no guarantees that the applications will be received by the deadline date and time stated.

Why are CTE College and Career Academies a great option for your current 8th grader?

College & Career Academies are academically rigorous programs, combining college prep curriculum with career preparation focused on a specific Career & Technical Education (CTE) industry area. Our programs give students the skills and knowledge to succeed in college, advanced career training or immediate entry into jobs with meaningful career paths. National research has proved that participation in CTE improves student outcomes – and specifically College & Career Academy students at CPS have shown higher graduation and college enrollment rates than the general CPS population.


In addition, College and Career Academies offer students:

  • Access to state of the art equipment
  • Certifications and licensure in their chosen career field
  • Access to job shadows and internships
  • Industry specific scholarships and contests
  • College prep curriculum supplemented by rigorous career preparation
  • A team centered approach to learning with Academic and CTE teachers working closely together


Seats are still available at the following schools:

Austin Polytech Dunbar Harper Manley Orr Sullivan
Crane Fenger Juarez Marshall Schurz Wells
Curie Harlan Julian Mather South Shore**


** South Shore Applications are due on April 16th and available at: Opens in a new window icon.

Application process/tips

There are 16 high schools housing College and Career Academies included in the 2011-2012 application. College & Career Academies are housed in existing high schools and have expanded to citywide boundaries to enable students to select the program they would like to participate in—even if it is not offered at their neighborhood school.


Students will be enrolled at the freshman level in fall 2011. Applications from current 8th grade students must be received by the Office of Academic Enhancement no later than April 8, 2011 at 5:00pm.


Before you complete the application, be sure to have the following items handy:

  • Personal Information: Applicant's name, address, CPS ID number (if student is a current CPS student), gender, and birth date.
  • IEP/504: Indicate if the student has an IEP or 504 Plan. If yes, include a copy of the IEP or 504 Plan.
  • Parent/Guardian information: Provide a parent/guardian's name, work/cell and home telephone numbers.
  • For charter students or non-CPS students only: Need to have counselor from previous school provide 2009-2010 final test scores for ISAT, ITBS, TERRA NOVA, CAT, or other test. Also must provide 2009-2010 final grades for reading, math, science and social science along with the signature of the counselor or principal from the student’s school.


For more information about College and Career Academies, call (773) 553-2108. If you have questions about the application and selection process, contact Academic Enhancement at (773) 553-2060.