Milken Educator Award Winner 

Ryerson Elementary teacher wins prestigious award

January 05, 2011

Dexter Chaney, a third grade teacher at Ryerson Elementary, received quite the surprise after the Thanksgiving break—he was awarded the Milken Educator Award.


“It was overwhelming and caught me off guard. I kept thinking about the kids, and this validated what we stress to them on a daily basis: hard work and integrity,” said Mr. Chaney.


The announcement came during a surprise assembly at the school. The Milken Educator Award is given by the Milken Family Foundation; Mr. Chaney was one of 55 teachers to win the award and the only educator in Illinois.


A CPS teacher at Ryerson for three years now, Mr. Chaney was given a new challenge this year: an entire third grade class of boys. Ryerson principal, Lorenzo Russell, says that Mr. Chaney is doing a great job at being a role model for all his students.


"It is evident that Mr. Chaney is a great teacher when you walk into his classroom. He is always interacting with his students, engaging them. His lessons are geared towards the boys. You can see the results in the class, not only in the students’ assessments, but also in their behavior,” said Mr. Russell.


So what does Mr. Chaney strive for in the classroom with his students? “I want them to value education and see that they can succeed in life through education. I want them to develop that love of reading and math, while at the same time building character and integrity within them.”


Congratulations to Dexter Chaney and the Ryerson community.


Photo credit: Milken Family Foundation



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