Track E schools start Aug. 9 

For thousands of students school starts at one of 195 CPS

July 29, 2010

On August 9, 195 elementary and high schools will open their doors for the first day of school.  This year 63 additional schools will operate on what is known as the Track E schedule for year-round schools.


Students in a Track E school attend the same number of days as students who attend regular calendar schools. With more and frequent breaks, instead of a long summer break, the learning loss that many students experience during the summer is diminished, keeping school material fresh and improving their academic progress. The year-round Track E calendar allows students to attend enrichment activities that are offered by many schools during the intersessions. This calendar also helps students to be more energized and refreshed given the frequent breaks.


Year-round school benefits

Eliminates summer learning loss for students; enhances teachers' time management and planning; provides better opportunities for remediation; and eliminates teacher burnout. Year-round schools also provide students with the safety and security of a school environment during the summer months.


Addressing parental concerns

Parents may feel that it is difficult having children that attend a regular school and a year-round school. At times the pick up time and vacation do not coincide. Schools in the same areas are being encouraged to adopt the Track E calendar if their neighboring school is becoming a Track E year round school.


CPS has formed various partnerships with agencies such as the YMCA, Park District, Chicago Public Library and Boys and Girls Club, to ascertain that parents have other options for students to participate in when students go on intersession.


*To find out whether or not your child attends a year-round school, PDF icon. view our list. Contact your child’s school to confirm what time school starts. Visit our calendar section, and click year-round calendars to find a calendar that’s coincides with your child’s school.


Finally, learn more about CPS’ back to school efforts and programs here.


The regular school year begins Monday, September 7.