Recycling Contest Winners 

Southside Occupational Academy wins inaugural district wide challenge

May 05, 2010

In January, the Chicago Public Schools Department of Operations announced the Spring 2010 Recycling Contest. All Chicago Public Schools were eligible to participate and those who responded with their contest entry by January 31st were entered into the contest. The schools with the greatest improvement in their Recycling Score from the fall of 2009 to April 2, 2010 were declared the winners.


“We ran the recycling contest to engage schools in increasing their recycling scores and to promote Recycling Rewards. We have been providing gift cards incentives for recycling since 2005, and this was a way to encourage schools that may not have achieved in the past,” said Suzanne Carlson the Director of Environmental Affairs at CPS.


Spring 2010 Recycling Contest Winners

Southside Occupational Academy 65%
Andrew Jackson Language Academy 60%
Charles Brownell Elementary 57%
Irene Hernandez Middle School 46%
Walter Newberry Math & Science Academy 43%
George Rogers Clark Elementary 41%
Daniel Cameron Elementary 39%
Jonathan Scammon Elementary 33%
James Russell Lowell Elementary 29%
Thomas Drummond Elementary 28%
Williams Multiplex Elementary 28%



Spring 2010 Recycling Contest Honorable Mention

Edward Dunne Elementary 24%
Florance Nightingale Elementary 22%
James R. Doolittle East 21%



Learn more about Southside Occupational Academy.


Find out more about CPS’ Green efforts by reading about the district’s Environmental Action Plan and check out CPS’ Recycling Guidelines.


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