Earth Hour Success 

CPS takes climate action for Earth Hour 2010

April 21, 2010

In the weeks leading up to Earth Hour on March 27, 2010, Chicago Public Schools participated in a variety of activities. CPS contributed to the global campaign against climate change by shutting off lights and spreading the word to students, staff, and parents.


In several schools, teachers designed lessons where students learned about the impacts of energy consumption and the importance of using less energy. At the Academy for Global Citizenship Elementary School, second grade students in Ms. Harris’ classroom learned about how architecture and energy are used in lighting buildings such as Willis Tower and the Empire State Building. Four student leaders presented Earth Hour information during their daily community circle—where the students convene to share information with other classes—with the lights off. The students displayed a three-dimensional structure of the Empire State Building and explained how the famous US landmark would be incorporated into Earth Hour. Finally, the class challenged the entire staff and their peers to take part in Earth Hour, by turning off the lights in their homes on March 27th. To continue saving energy, students decided to have “Earth Hour” each week at school, where they would complete work “in the dark.”


At Chicago Vocational Career Academy, students in Ms. Kurian’s Earth and Space Science classes discussed strategies to save energy. Ms. Kurian’s students then took action by spreading the word about saving energy to their friends and families. In a connected effort, Ms. Kurian encouraged her students to participate in a project for upcoming Earth Day—April 22, 2010.


Finally, CPS Central Office supported Earth Hour with an Earth Lunch Hour, on Friday, March 26. Central Office staff shut down computers and lights during lunch. As a result, CPS Central Office consumed 11% less electricity than it did on the preceding Friday.


Thank you to all CPS students, staff and parents for showing support for the environment during Earth Hour and beyond.


Earth Hour 2010 Graph


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