Clearing out clutter 

Boone Elementary students learn valuable organizational skills with the help of a few experts.

Just a few minutes of organizing can go a long way toward becoming a better student. That’s what students at Daniel Boone Elementary School learned last month when they were visited by organization guru, Chaos to Order.


To mark National Clean Off Your Desk Day, students at Daniel Boone Elementary School, 6710 N. Washtenaw, received hands-on help from the Chicago-based organizing service.


Experts showed students how in just a few simple steps, they could get organized and be prepared for school each and every day.


Organizers first had students take everything out of their desks. Students were then told to go through all of their books, spiral binders, and folders looking for loose papers. Once students put aside all of their papers, they then recycled papers they no longer needed. (Students kept a separate pile of papers that needed to be taken home for parents to look over, of course.)


Monica Friel, Chaos to Order owner, said organizational skills need to be developed by the time students get to middle school so they are prepared for the challenges they will face in high school and beyond. Friel also offered tips for students to use at home as well as school:


  • Don’t hold on to papers you don’t need any more.
  • Don’t store papers inside big textbooks.
  • And remember: Your desk is a work surface, not a storage place.


The event taught both students and teachers the value and importance of organization in their academic lives.


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Article written by C. Payton.