Partners in education 

Meet a few CPS partners who are making a difference.

January 12, 2010

Our volunteers come from all walks of life: business people, doctors, lawyers, athletes, entertainers, elected officials, artists and more. But there’s one thing our partners all have in common: they want to see our students become successful.

In order for our schools to thrive, they must exist as part of the wider community. That’s why it’s important for our schools and partners to build long-term relationships that will continue to have a positive impact on the lives of CPS students.

These long-term partnerships between our schools and organizations or individuals all offer our students something special: their time, their experience and their interest.

During the 2009-2010 school year, several of our partners are making a difference at schools across the District. Here’s a look at some of our most successful partnerships this school year.

  • Partner: Baxter International, Inc.; School: Lindblom Math & Science Academy: Baxter has committed $2 million toward helping Lindblom Math & Science Academy become one of Chicago’s leading science high schools. Baxter has provided a college counselor, distance learning specialist and equipment for math and science teachers. Science equipment and supplies were also donated. Baxter collaborated with students to redesign the Baxter dialysis machine for adolescents as part of a statewide project-based learning program (Illinois Innovation Talent Project).
  • Partner: First United Methodist Church at The Chicago Temple; School: Ruben Salazar Bilingual Center: First United Methodist Church at The Chicago Temple has participated in a one-on-one tutoring program that has a 96% student participation rate. Tutor training was provided to volunteers and parents while on-going parent meetings were organized throughout the year.

  • Partner: SAGUS International; School: Walter Payton and William Rainey Harper High Schools: SAGUS International has renovated classrooms for both schools to create ideal learning environments based on curricular needs valued at $100,000.  Key executives collaborated with principals from the inception of the partnership to outline strategies and outcomes.
  • Partner: Lake Shore Chapter of the Links, Inc.; School: Calhoun North Elementary School: Lake Shore Chapter of the Links has a weekly program targeted toward girls that gives them the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities. This program has led to a 98% school attendance rate among participating students.

  • Partner: IMC Financial Markets, Inc.; School: Daniel J. Corkery School: IMC Financial Markets participates in the school’s annual Career Day.  The company also donated new furniture for a multi-resource room, and equipment for a science room.  IMC has also sponsored after school activities and sports field trips.

  • Partner: Morningstar, Inc.; School: Chicago Math and Science Academy: Morningstar established a program that helps seniors work through the college admissions process. All seniors are paired with mentors and work on areas such as essays, interviews, and financial aid. The mentoring program has resulted in an almost perfect graduation rate for the 2008-2009 school year. Morningstar also donated a year’s worth of school supplies for students via the annual school supply drive.

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Article written by C. Payton.