Monitor grades online 

View your child’s grades before progress report cards are mailed home this week.

December 14, 2009

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Now parents don’t have to wonder how their child is performing academically at school. Thanks to the Parent and Student Portal, both you and your child can monitor their academic progress online 24/7.


Both portals have many unique features that can help you play a more active role in your child’s academic career. You can:


  • Securely view grades and attendance online
  • View course syllabi, upcoming assignments, and class descriptions
  • Register to receive email or text notifications when a student is absent or their grades drop below a parent-specified threshold
  • Communicate directly with teachers, enhancing the opportunity for parent-teacher interaction 

Get a PIN number

You must log in to your account with a unique personal identification number (PIN) designated by your child’s school. PINs (or passwords) are issued at the school level. Contact your child’s school to obtain your Parent Portal PIN.


Using PIN numbers help maintain the security and integrity of student’s personal information. Additionally, the issuance of a PIN will allow parents to manage one account linked to all of their children within CPS.

Create an account

Once you have a received your PIN from your child’s school, you can create your account. Fill out the Parent Account Signup page and agree to the usage terms at  

Learn how to use Parent Portal

Carefully review our  step-by-step guide that details how to use the Parent Portal.

Issues with Parent Portal?

Contact your child’s school if any issues arise when using the Parent Portal. Issues may include:


  • Difficulty obtaining your PIN or a forgotten PIN number
  • Trouble logging in to Parent Portal
  • Issues viewing your child’s grades, attendance or homework


For problems with either the Parent or Student Portal, contact your child’s school first for assistance.

Accessing the Parent Portal

If you do not have a home computer, please check with your child’s school to see if they have a computer designated for the Parent Portal.


Alternatively, you can use your valid Chicago Public Library (CPL) card at any branch to access the Parent Portal. To use a CPL public computer, you must have a valid CPL card in good standing. Simply make an online reservation at the PC Reservation Station. You can choose from the next available PC or pick a time that is most convenient for you. Patrons are allowed two, 1-hour PC sessions each day.


Save Parent Portal as a favorite

Most Internet browsers allow you to save your favorite websites on a list that you can access easily. Bookmarks can be set up by clicking on the Favorites tab (Internet Explorer) or the Bookmarks tab (Firefox) at the top of your browser.


Learn more about how to check your child’s grades online.


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Article written by C. Payton.