A smaller approach 

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December 07, 2009

A “one-size fits all” approach does not always meet the needs of our diverse and dynamic student population. The real life situations and hurdles that many of our youth encounter call for alternate paths.


Our Smaller Learning Communities (SLCs) are designed for students who take a unique education path. SLCs work like this: Freshmen are organized into houses with dedicated teacher teams that work collaboratively to address the individual needs of each student. After freshman year ends, students in grades 10-12 are then organized into a variety of thematic SLCs, such as fine arts, entrepreneurship and social justice. 


SLCs offer teachers the flexibility to personalize and tailor their pedagogy to address individual student needs, interests and aspirations. As a result, students build stronger relationships with teachers and classmates, and maximize their potential.


Enrollment in an SLC provides support from grades 9-12, helping to maintain and solidify learning and growth attained at every level of the high school journey.


Learn more about our Smaller Learning Communities.



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