Application tips 

These guidelines will help simplify the application process.

November 02, 2009

2010-2011 applications are available now. The deadline for submitting all applications is Dec. 18, 2009. Review the categories below for application tips.


Consider all types of schools—not just magnet schools, and not just the schools that you already know about. Magnet cluster schools and open enrollment schools offer many excellent options for parents and students.


  • Do not apply to just one or two schools. Apply to as many schools as you would be happy to have your child attend.
  • Do not submit applications to schools that you would not want your child to attend if he or she is selected. 
  • Do your homework to find out more about the schools before you submit your applications. There are several ways to do this:
    • Review a school's test scores, which can be found online in our Find a school section.
    • Attend a school's open house (call the school to find out if they are having one).
    • Set up an appointment to tour the school and talk with the principal or counselor about the school.
    • Talk to parents who have children enrolled in the school.
    • Take a tour of the neighborhood.  


CPS ID is a student's Chicago Public Schools identification number, which is assigned to each student enrolled in the Chicago Public Schools system.  If a child does not attend a Chicago public school, he/she does not have a Chicago Public Schools identification number and should, therefore, place "99999999" on the application, as directed. 


Try not to wait until the last day to mail your applications; you never know what might happen to delay the mail.

Submission process

If you are using a Standard application to apply for any grade level, or if you are submitting a GEAP or Selective Enrollment application directly to Academic Enhancement, enclose a self-addressed, stamped postcard with your application. The postcard will be mailed back to you as notification that your application has been received. Your postcard should be returned within two weeks. If it is not, contact the school (for Standard applications) or Academic Enhancement (for GEAP or Selective Enrollment applications).


If you are required to submit a GEAP or Selective Enrollment application to your child's current school counselor or principal, it is recommended that you request a receipt that indicates the time, date, and to whom the application was submitted at the current school.


 View our 2010-2011 applications.


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