Keep Kids Learning 

Students gain experience in various occupations through special program.

October 26, 2009

Imagine spending your summer at a sports TV network, learning the intricacies of a law firm, researching and writing your first magazine article or even getting the opportunity to watch how a bank operates … and you’re only a 5th grader.


Thanks to Classroom Inc.’s curriculum and the Keep Kids Learning summer program, students in select schools had those experiences and much, much more through a career simulation program over the summer.


Keep Kids Learning provides 2nd – 12th grade students the opportunity for academic, recreation and social enrichment during the summer. 


The program enables participating schools offering mandatory summer school to enrich and expand their offerings into the afternoon, as well as expand services to those students not mandated to attend summer school. Approximately 3,000 students participated in KKL during the summer of 2009.


The program also provides unique summer jobs to Crane and Harper High school students who spent their afternoons working at select KKL elementary schools.


Learn more about Mayor Daley’s Keep Kids Learning program.



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